Lao Can Impression 老殘印象

Based on Liu Er’s Lao Can‘s Travels and Debussy’s chamber and orchestral music, Lao Can Impression explores the cultural exchange between east and west by combining Chinese and western approaches to music and drama.

After a sell-out run at the National Theatre of Taiwan, this unique production comes to London for the first time.

Three musicians highlight the eastern influences in Debussy’s music while two actors tell Liu’s story about westernisation in China in the 1900s. By fusing the two together, the piece looks at modernisation and how we can move forward by using our past, not destroying it.

Featuring music by Debussy including La Mer, Images, Cello Sonata.

Performances 2019

26 January (preview): Bernie Grant Arts Centre
30 January: Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room
1 February: Nottingham Lakeside Arts
2 February: Chepstow Drill Hall

Presented as a part of CAN Festival 2019. CAN Festival runs from 19 January – 2 February 2019, and celebrates the work of the best Chinese heritage artists working in the UK today, across theatre, music, live art, dance, film and more. 

Have a Glance


‘Breathtaking and original, suitable for both refined and popular taste.’
‘Liu met Debussy on the stage – a beautiful encounter and a clever blend’
Anniel Hao, Pareviews

Creative Team

Director & Writer: An-Ting Chang
Scenographer: Wang Jing
Deviser & Actors: Hsu Hua-Chien and Chih-I Chang.
Musicians & Music Development: Li-chi Chiang (Piano), Jen-Hsin Kung (Cello), Yun-Ju Chen (Flute)
Lighting Designer: Azusa Ono
Surtitle Designer: Haocheng Wu
Translator: Jeremy Tiang

Production Team

Producer: Ruth Holdsworth
Producer Assistant: Naying Jen
Production Manager: Casey Howell
Stage Manager: Nathalie Wong
CAN Branding & Marketing Manager: David Hepburn
CAN General Manager: Jodie Gilliam