Concert Theatre is a combination form in which classical music and drama are performed live together. Through interweaving, music becomes not just atmospheric underscore, but another language expressed by the musicians – a voice and character in its own right, spoken alongside the actors on the same stage. The two distinct works are presented side by side, to create deeper resonance and complexity of interpretation in each, and a rich complete performance.
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The Tenant 2017

Thank you everyone for coming and joining us in The Tenant. If you haven’t seen it, get a flavour of the work through the trailer:


“Bravura performances from both, May Smith and Bonger lace this quintessentially feminist tale with gentle sentiment, tugged heartstrings and raging despair” **** Stage Talk Magazine

“we are used to music being a part of performance, particularly with dance where the music is integral to the piece – but the way Concert Theatre combine the two is intriguing.[…] Concert Theatre aspires to the condition of the artist, meaning the creative expression of ideas through any art form.” Exeunt Magazine

“Chang’s production was imaginatively and resourcefully acted by Emily Smith May, as the plucky Helen and Martin Bonger, switching convincingly from gentle Gilbert Markham to the abusive and alcoholic Arthur Huntingdon.[…] In The Tenant, theatre seemed to have the upper hand but the production revealed tantalizing  – and very promising  – glimpses as to what a true hybrid genre could 6look and sound like. ” The Cusp Magazine

“An-Ting Chang, who is just completing her PhD in Performance Practice at the Royal Academy of Music, seems to be endlessly creative. Her combination of classical music and theatre is unique and elicits the maximum effect and enjoyment from both.” Classical Journey



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